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Cultural competency is a journey and not a destination.

When it comes to cultural and linguistic competency, everyone from the executive director to the receptionist can be a teacher and a learner. None of us can see a situation through the lens of every culture. But, we CAN create a space where all the people we serve and all the people we work with are heard.

We seek to establish the values and communal agreement of how we will approach difficult topics in order to create a safe space for hard conversations on what is impacting our mental health and addiction professionals while continuing to work within a context of being trauma-informed and strengths-based in our application.

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Cultural Competency Enhancement Project:

The goal of the Cultural Competency Enhancement Project since 1996 has been to provide training services and technical assistance for community mental health centers and addiction providers throughout Indiana. Training services are designed to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency in providing culturally competent services. Indiana's Division of Mental Health and Addiction is excited to offer the technical assistance webinar series.

Cultural Linguistic Competency & Health Disparities

Vision: People of all cultures and ethnicities partnering with local and state systems to achieve equity in access, services, interventions and outcomes in our systems.
Mission: Facilitate cultural and linguistic competency strategies throughout Indiana’s state and local systems to improve outcomes for populations vulnerable to disparities and disproportionalities.

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