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Day 1 | May 18 

Session 1:

Welcome & Introduction: Mission, Vision & Purpose to Indiana Cultural Competency Enhancement Project
Division of Mental Health & Addiction Leadership
Presenter: Rachel Johnson, DMHA Chief of Staff

Equity-Centric Integrated Care-The New Wellbeing Model
Division of Mental Health & Addiction Leadership
Presenter: Dr. Kory Carey, Ph.D., Executive Director of Equity and Systemic Integration

State of the State: Future Casting for an Equitable System
Family and Social Services Administration Leadership
: Dr. Breanca Merritt, Ph.D., FSSA Chief Equity Officer


Session 2:

Key to Individual Accountability

Presenter: Dr. Dennis Rudnick, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Multicultural Education, Missouri State University

Session 3:

A Fireside Chat with Jodi-Ann Burey: Intersections of Race, Culture & Health Equity

Presenter: Jodi Ann Burey

Session 4:

Back to the Future: Understanding How Your Mentoring Lineage Affects Your Application of DEI Today to Increase Culture Competency
Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of mentorship and its relationship to mental health.
  • Be able to define the Mentoring Lineage and Straight A's concepts.
  • Understand the positive role of therapy as a means of helping to provide closure from the past.
  • Advice on improving current and future DEI work with the help of culturally diverse mentors and proteges.

Presenter: Dr. Gabe Veas, Ph.D., The Los Angeles School of Mentorship

Session 5

Bridging the Autism Service Chasm: Implementation of a Coordinated Care Continuum for Patients with the Most Significant Behavioral Health Challenges
Learning Objectives

  • Learn about complications and/or regression that leads to sustained support needs across the lifespan for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Reflect upon their organizational capacity to facilitate and implement evidence-based practices (EBPs) across settings
  • Engage with case reviews and the impact of communication, capacity and accessibility upon both provider staff and patient experiences
  • Consider the impacts of organizational climates and factors upon competencies and service outcomes
  • Explore and inform agile strategies to enhance workforce capacity and retention

Presenters: Dr. Tiffany Neal, Ph.D. and Dr. Naomi Swiezy, Ph.D. HANDS in Autism® Interdisciplinary Training and Resource Center, Department of Psychiatry, IU School of Medicine

Session 1

Organization Adaptability
Learning Objectives

  • Pathways towards Employer Adaptability through both internal and external communications
  • Individual Adaptability & Self-Care
  • Programmatic Adaptability & External Partners
  • Systems Adaptability

Kelli Lester, Chief Strategy Officer, Engaging Solutions
Kellie Meyer, President, Kellie Meyer Training Solutions
Suzanne Clifford, MBA, CEO Inspiring Transformations
Moderator: Sunny Lu Williams

Session 2

Transforming Recruitment & Retention: What We’ve Learned and are Still Learning
Learning Objectives

  • Identify areas of the hiring process that can be adapted to local needs;
  • Search for ways to foster a welcoming environment for new and existing staff
  • Offer support in different areas to assist and to increase retention of staff at your local agency.

Presenter: Noemi Schoenradt, Four County Center

Session 3

Reliving COVID-19: Organizational Adaptability during the Pandemic – Crisis Change Management
Presenter: Dr. Aleesia Johnson, Ed.D., Superintendent, Indianapolis Public Schools

Session 4

The Structure of Belonging in Therapeutic Groups
Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate a new paradigm for creating communities of accountability for those in mental health and addiction settings.
  • Learn to shift language in order to shift the community worldview
  • To assist a mental health community in taking ownership of their own futures and community

Presenters: Anna Schoon, Northwest IN Community Action; Beth Ellen Holimon, The Hive Collective

Session 5

Connecting the Path from War-Related Trauma to Culturally Competent Services for Refugees, Asylees, and Asylum Seekers
Learning Objectives

  • To better understand the role Exodus plays in providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services and how this mission extends to other community services providers.
  • To understand how Exodus staff apply DEI and cultural competence to ensure clients are supported and connected with community partners.
  • To understand the challenges and explore solutions for broader and effective service implementation, especially for mental health services.

Presenters: Danielle Schneider-Moran, Craig-Anesu Chigadza, & Claire Pollock, Exodus Refugee Immigration

Day 2 | May 19